Latency Optimizer: An Unbiased Review 2019

When working on a computer, there is nothing more frustrating to an individual who is experiencing delays when you need to transfer various files as well as other tasks on the computer. Well, you need not worry any more thanks to Latency Optimizer. This amazing optimizer helps greatly in ensuring that you do not experience the latency issues that may prevent you from maximizing your use of a computer. Latency Optimizer is aimed at enhancing the performance of your computer. If you are a gamer, this is a must-have a program as you will need to respond to different game functions on time.

Latency Optimizer from Badosoft is easy to use as it displays the available tools that will enhance the performance of your computer in terms of speed and response especially when the program is starting for the first time.  It has options for improving the overall performance by just one click. This one click can be found at the improvement section under the Advanced Tab. What’s more about this software is that it gives you an option of checking the speed through its main interface.

As for casual users, they are able to access the ‘FREE RAM’ tool that allows them to optimize their computer’s memory. However, the advanced have multiple choices of game boosting tools to use. Speed Test, Latency Test, Performance Tweaks, Network Tunes and much more. You need to check it all out.

Why should you acquire Latency Optimizer?

This software has quite a number of ways that will improve the performance of your computer. Whether you are using your computer for business purposes or entertainment, below are some of the major features and benefits that you could get with this software installed on your computer.

  1. Latency Optimizer comes with advanced settings that allow you to configure specific settings whenever the program is being used on your computer.
  2. The performance of your computer is recorded while working thus enabling you to monitor the processes that may be affecting the speed of your computer.
  3. This software allows you to clean the whole system that could otherwise reduce the speed of the computer.
  4. It also contains disk cleaner whereby, if you have a disk that has issues with performance on the computer, the tool conducts a search that identifies the files that need to be deleted in order to improve the performance of your computer.
  5. Latency Optimizer has speed tests that measure the speed at which a certain file or data is transferred from your server to another.

Badosoft´s Latency Optimizer helps greatly in balancing the levels of the memory cache and the speed of your computer. It comes with a kit that is designed to fix the computer’s IP that has issues related to plain Winsock.

As earlier stated, this program is very easy to use because the interface is really straightforward. If you are looking to win various contests and maximize the use of applications, then you need to have this software installed on your computer.

According to findings, there are many cases where the computer lag is a result of lack of periodical operating system services. Also, it can be caused failure to configure your internet properly as well as the settings of the network devices.

The Pros and Cons of the Latency Optimizer


  • This software is great in preventing any latency problems with just one click.
  • You have the privilege to monitor your speed.
  • Comes with various tools that allow you to free up your computer’s RAM, tweak and tune, monitor different processes, etc.


  • You may not get much from the free version because it’s designed for only one profile