Karmic Koala displays bad karma

If the most technical Ubuntu supporters can’t make Ubuntu 9.10 work properly, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Early adopters are the most technically-proficient, enthusiastic users around. If they hit a problem, they keep working at it until a solution is found – even if it takes all night as illustrated by the last comment below. It is, then, something of a damning indictment on the quality of the latest version of Ubuntu that almost a quarter of the expert enthusiasts say they’re having serious problems upgrading to the new OS.

A poll of more than a thousand users at ubuntuforums.org shows that while 12 percent report a ‘flawless’ upgrade, 21 percent say the upgrade worked but with a few problems and the same number have ‘many problems they have been unable to solve’

Users doing a clean install fared slightly better, with ten percent saying everything went fine, but while 13 percent say they hit a few glitches, 22 percent say they hit big problems.

At the time of writing, 1175 people had responded to the poll and there are 43 pages of comments. Here is a selection (a pretty much contiguous block from page 43, before anyone accuses me of cherry-picking):

“Easiest upgrade I have had. Everything worked out well. So far everything seems to be working.”

“I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10. The installer did not update my menu.lst options so I had to do that by hand. Pulseaudio is not working. I’ve trawled through the forums looking for an answer but no joy. Next time I think I’ll wait before upgrading.”

“Another shockingly bad release in terms of QA, I really hoped this was behind us. It’s a real shame because once it works Ubuntu is absolutely fantastic.”

“Very disappointed in this release. I have not been able to get the live usb to boot consistently, hence no install. When reporting my issues they were dismissed as bad install media, however I’d used 3-4 different usb keys.”

“Luckily I decided to try Karmic 32 bit, and it works perfectly. Only thing is my wireless-adapter is very unstable, and returning from suspend or hybernate gives so many problems I decided to completely disable those options. And of course, its not really nice to have a 32-bit OS on a fully capable 64-bit system.”

“Fresh install on laptop – Terrible. Would not install from CD (I tried 3!), had to use Live USB. ATI graphics not working properly, Compiz performance very poor, wireless dropping out, wireless not always picked up.”

“I liked Intrepid, I was annoyed at the Intel fiasco in Jaunty, and now it seems that there are ATI issues in Karmic. I’m not really sure what to do…perhaps try and migrate to another distro?”

“The upgrade-manager app closed during the “installing packages” phase because of two un-upgradable packages – wine and virtualbox-ose. I manually uninstalled the offending packages, but now I can’t figure out how to restart the upgrade.”

“9.10 64bit has a major problem. It looks for the ECC module for RAM, and my motherboard doesn’t support ECC. So it keeps annoying me at the taskbar, that there is a crash.”

“I have not done any thing since boot yet the crash icon appears. I have reported incident via approot and it seems its a highly common bug”

“I jumped in with both feet last night. I did the upgrade using Update Manager, and I had over 1,400 packages to update. I let it run all night. When I woke up this morning, it was ready to remove obsolete packages, so I did that while I was shaving. When I checked back, it was ready to restart. When it came back up, my wallpaper was there, Desktop Effects were enabled – in short – painless. The only minor tweak I had to make was to install some Language components. I just followed the prompts and again, no problems. I can’t wait to get home and play with it some more. I do think I am going to try to change the theme to something else. That brown is not very attractive. Other than that, I give it an A+ so far!”