JD Power study confirms Verizon as top carrier

Verizon is once again ranked as the most reliable mobile carrier in the US.

This study comes from JD Power and Associated, but Verizon has already consistently ranked at the top of the list among other groups like Consumer Reports.

Of course, since whatever the last annual study may have been, Verizon has made a lot of sweeping changes, including the introduction of 4G LTE-powered phones and the elimination of unlimited mobile dataplans for new subscribers.

JD Power looked at numerous issues such as dropped calls, calls that were never connected, voicemail failures, text messages that were sent late or not at all, problems with data connections, and audio or reception glitches.

It takes this data and crunches the numbers to get a score from one to 20. The lower the score, the fewer the amount of issues and thus the better the service.

At the top spot, Verizon earned a score of 10.

The ranking of the four major carriers continued with Sprint and T-Mobile, which tied for second place with 15 points. AT&T was dead last with 16 points.

AT&T always ranks at the bottom of the totem pole, yet somehow it manages to strike sweetheart deals to secure exclusive new phones, and is also the exclusive provider of mobile data service to Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s upcoming Playstation Vita. Those corporate partnerships help keep it a strong and active company.

Sprint and T-Mobile always end up in the middle and there is some variation between the two, but for the most part, Verizon is always on top and AT&T is always in last place for these kinds of studies.