Islamic search engine hits the web

Amsterdam, Holland – While for many, their choice of browser is already a religious thing, as of today, Muslims have their own search engine that only returns results considered acceptable under Islamic Law.

Launched by AZS Media, only returns results that are deemed to be Halal. The search engine uses ‘various techniques’ to determine which results are Halal (acceptable) or Haraam (forbidden). If a user stumbles across content of an unsuitable nature, the search engine will ‘return a negative search advice’.

AZS says that in the last few years Muslims have become very active on the Internet and the lack of tools for them to be able to continue their online activities responsibly has inspired to enter the search engine market.

In a statement, the company said: “The site offers a broad range of functions that are developed specifically to increase the users search experience. Besides focusing to be a great Islamic search engine, also aims to deliver the best search product as well.”

Naturally, we tried ImHalal ourselves and it passed the ‘Scunthorpe’ Test, returning results for the British holiday mecca. But we feel some more work may be needed on the filtering front, as a search for news about bacon returned the following:

Video: Give me bacon or give me death!
The Inquisitr     30 Aug 06:32 PM
For this little dude, bacon is the last straw. You can take his momma away for the week, but God help you if you touch his bacon.

You can try ImHalal here.