Is the Cloud overcrowded?

No, the Cloud isn’t overcrowded. More storage space can always be added, but obviously, related costs will rise concurrently.

And that is why Mozy – for the first time since 2006 – has significantly altered its pricing model to eliminate unlimited Cloud-based storage plans.

“Consumers have the capacity to generate more data than was ever possible when these unlimited plans came out,” Mozy VP Russ Stockdale told PC Mag.

“Very large users of these types of media can generate multiple terabytes. But three out of four users still fit comfortably within 50 gigabytes.”

The above-mentioned pricing model also includes other changes, such as an increase in the monthly base account to $6 from $5, with storage capped at a neat (probably insufficient) 50GB.

Fortunately, additional storage space – 125GB – is available for $10 a month, which Stockdale recommends for households with more than one computer.

“We’ve seen the multicomputer phenomenon on the per-household level and we increasingly see it on the per-user level.

“[As such], we’re trying to bring the incremental cost of [backing up] those machines down,” he said. 

Additional details regarding Mozy’s price changes can be found on the company’s website here.