Is Apple OS X more secure than Microsoft Windows?

Are Macs inherently more secure than PCs? Well, not according to cybersecurity analyst Hemanshu Nigam – who claims that OS X suffers from just “as many vulnerabilities” as Windows. 

“Suggesting Apple doesn’t get viruses gives its users a completely false sense of security. It’s essentially taunting hackers. They’ll take it as a challenge and just start exploiting Apple’s user base,” Nigam told CNN. 

“The hacker community focuses on companies that are on the top of their games. Apple has gained enough market share that it has caught hackers’ attention.”

However, Nigam emphasized that Apple certainly maintained the capability to “take charge” of the situation – if it wanted.

“If it doesn’t, it’s risking damage to its reputation for the long haul, a la Microsoft.”

Kevin Haley, director at Symantec Security Response, expressed similar sentiments.

“Market share is a pretty good indicator of who hackers are going after. 

Hackers are motivated by money, so they want to get access to the most amount of people.”