iPhone boozers keep tabs on livers

Proof, if it were needed, that iPhone users are the kind of people you really don’t want to go out with of an evening comes in the shape of an applet that keeps tabs on alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Aware and Alcohol Aware Plus from developer Mubaloo calculate the number of units in your drink and keep track of how much you are drinking, based on current UK guidelines. A summary provides analysis against UK health guidelines for males and females.

It is perhaps worth noting that the official UK guidelines have absolutely no basis in science, but were merely plucked from thin air by a committee a couple of decades ago. However, this does not deter the company from warning us that the UK has ‘deep rooted problems with its drinking culture’ and that people are unaware of the amount of units in their favourite drinks.

Alcohol Aware allows the user to calculate the precise number of units in a drink using slider controls for the volume and alcohol content. The Plus version also provides a guide to the number of calories in a drink based upon the alcohol content.

The user can take a picture of their drink using the iPhone’s camera, and save this to their drinks menu. When the user has a drink they can touch the drink in the menu to save it to their history. The history calculates what has been drunk and provides a quick reference to the number of units and calories consumed on a daily basis. A summary provides simple analysis against the UK guidelines for males and females on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Leaving aside the sheer tedium of sitting in a bar with an iPhone user, let alone one who insists on taking pictures of their drinks, we note from Mubaloo’s website that whoever took the screenshots was tucking into a couple of stiff ones at 1028 in the morning. This is rather early even by journalistic standards.

The company claims that Alcohol Aware has already been downloaded by 25,000 iPhone owners. Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Alcohol Aware costs 99 cents, while Alcohol Aware Plus is around $2.99.

For that kind of money, we’d rather have a stiff drink. Preferably in a pub that bans the use of mobile phones.