Internet users spend most time on Facebook

People are more interested in socializing than finding information, it seems, with Facebook overtaking Google as the way internet users spend most of their time.

According to the latest figures from ComScore, Americans spent a total of 41.1 million minutes on Facebook in August, compared with 39.8 million on Google. Both represent a little under ten percent of total time spent online.

Amazingly, the figures for Google include not just search, but also Gmail, YouTube and the company’s content sites such as Google News.Yahoo slipped back into third place, with 37.7 million minutes. This time last year, it was the site where people spent most time, with 12 percent of total minutes, compared with around  five percent each for Facebook and Google.

In terms of traffic numbers, it’s a different story, however. Yahoo led with 179 million unique visitors, followed by Google with 178.8 million and Microsoft with 165.3 million. Facebook managed only 148 million, only marginally up from the month before.

The implication is that visitors to Yahoo sites spend about the same time there as do visitors to Google, but hang around far less long than they do on Facebook. As AP points out, there’s room for error in the figures, which are based on a user panel as well as data from website servers. All the same, advertisers are likely to take note.