Internet Explorer 9 downloaded 2.3 million times

In just 24 hours, Microsoft registered more than 2.3 downloads of its newest Web browser.

Released earlier this week, Internet Explorer 9 is the first refresh of the browser in a couple years, but to some it is the first “real” update in a long time. Microsoft claims to have incorporated user feedback more this time than in any previous build of IE.

It also tackles a lot of the issues that people have had for years, making it more in line with the user-friendly and feature-rich browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

The 2.35 million downloads Microsoft has already logged is pretty amazing, considering the company has not yet started pushing the download to users. Anyone who has IE9 right now specifically went online to download the update file manually.

Reviews of Internet Explorer 9 have been largely favorable, but it can’t rest on its laurels too long. Google just released a new version of Chrome, and Mozilla’s much anticipated Firefox 4 will be released soon.