IE9 doesn’t do a thing to browser market share

It looks like Microsoft’s latest browser isn’t doing much for the browser wars.

In fact, according to research group Net Applications, it doesn’t appear to have done hardly anything. The company’s latest chart would have you believe IE hasn’t done anything to change in the last year and a half.

Instead of re-energizing the market, Microsoft’s browser continues to lose market share, to a new low of 55.9% as of the end of April.

It’s possible that IE might have fallen even more without the launch of IE9, especially since it came around right at the same time of Firefox’s new browser, which admittedly hasn’t changed much in its market position either.

And then there’s Chrome, which believe it or not, also launched a new browser this year, and it has been plowing its way through. Chrome’s market share has more than tripled since October 2009.