Hurry, hurry. Windows 7 offer must end soon

Redmond (WA) – Anyone prevaricating about whether to download the release candidate version of Windows 7 should move fast – the trial program ends in a few weeks.

Although the software giant has yet to confirm version, upgrade and pricing information for the retail version of the OS, due for launch on October 22, the full-featured RC version won’t time out until June 2010. The system will start two-hourly shut downs from next March reminding users to install the shrink-wrapped version.

Over at the Windows 7 blog, you’ll be glad to hear that the packaging for the new OS will be easier to open than the Vista boxes, which apparently caused confusion amongst unsophisticated folk.

We also learn that throwing the OS away is cool too, as the plastic case protecting the Windows 7 disk ‘is lighter and recyclable’. The packaging itself has a 37 percent weight reduction and the econometrics score has ‘improved by 50 percent’ over its predecessor.

You’ll only be able to download the 32 and 64 bit versions of RC1 until August 15, says Microsoft. The earlier beta version of Win7 will start the two-hourly shutdown procedure at the end of this month and stop working altogether at the start of August.