Humor from users as Facebook goes down

Bet you’re only reading this because your first choice activity was unavailable. Yes, Facebook really is down. And it’s been reduced to using Twitter to tell users about its latest outage.

At about 2.30 ET, the site went down, displaying a DNS failure message, and users have found it popping in and out of visibility ever since. The problem seems to be universal, with users reporting the site’s unavailability across the globe.

The company’s Twitter message reads: “Facebook may be slow or unavailable for some people because of site issues. We’re working to fix this quickly.”

And it’s not just a problem for Facebook – it’s affacting all sorts of third party and mobile applications. Because the Like button is down, for instance,  millions of sites which use it are also experiencing problems – indeed, much as we’re sure you’re loving this article, trying to ‘Like’ it probably won’t work.

But most users seem to be accepting the problem with remarkable good humor.

“Facebook is down which means 9 months from today, many children will born,” says loubrutus. “Does that mean we have to actually… speak to real people?” asks Z100MoBounce. Several expressed concern about the wellbeing of their Farmville livestock.

And antderosa has a possible explanation: “Zuck isn’t turning Facebook back on unless he gets final edit on The Social Network,” he says.

A similar outage happened yesterday, when problems brought the site down for some users. Facebook’s developer blog explained: “We are currently experiencing decreased latency across the site (including Platform APIs) due to an issue with a third-party networking provider. We are in contact with this provider and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

UPDATE: At 18.05, Facebook gave us the following statement: “The issue has been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook.  We apologize for any inconvenience.” No explanation as to what went wrong.