HP promises free Win 7 upgrade

Palo Alto, CA – HP is promising free Windows 7 upgrades in an effort to keep sales up in the run-up to the Win 7 launch at the end of October. 

Customers buying business and consumer PCs between now and October 22 will receive the upgrade as soon as it’s released. It will come in the form of two disks, one for the update itself and the other containing an update assistant tool which will install ‘most’ necessary drivers and other tools to run the OS on HP systems. Other drivers will be made available on the company’s support site.

A spokeswoman for the company said that the upgrade would be available in Europe only as a clean installation in line with Microsoft’s decision to offer only the full version in the region because of concerns over EU competition law.

HP has collaborated with Microsoft in what it calls an ‘unprecedented’ way over Windows 7. Indeed, you’d almost think it had been in charge. “HP has helped guide Microsoft through the development of Windows 7, collaborating and offering unique insight and counsel on emerging technologies,” said Carlos Montalvo, vice president of Experience Marketing in HP’s Personal Systems Group.

Microsoft seems to be making a bit more effort to keep hardware vendors sweet, after compatibility issues contributed to the poor reception of Vista, its last major OS release.

HP customers can go here to check for upgrade eligibility, register and get answers about their PCs and current operating systems.

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