How to run multiple browsers without installs

Have you ever wanted to run multiple browsers on your PC but couldn’t be bothered to install more than one or two? 

If so, you may want to check out a free app from Spoon which allows users to simultaneously run at least four browsers – IE9, FF 4, Chrome 5 and Safari 5 – without the hassle of loading each one.

In addition, the utility can now launch applications from within Chrome and Opera.

“The Browser Sandbox is a great resource for Web developers and IT managers interested in testing upcoming Web browsers and technologies such as IE 9 and HTML5 without the problems associated with installing a new browser on their desktop,” Spoon CEO Kenji Obata told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement. 

“It allows software publishers and enterprises to deliver desktop applications instantly to any user with a Web browser. Spoon apps run in isolated ‘sandboxes,’ enabling multiple applications to run side-by-side without conflicts, dependencies, or modifications to the host PC.”

It should be noted that the original beta version of the Browser Sandbox clocked a quarter of a million downloads within the first 30 days of its launch.

Indeed, according to Obata, Spoon’s application streaming and virtualization technology is helping to change the way enterprises, software publishers and consumers access applications by eliminating complex install processes typically associated with app distribution.