Hollywood snubs Steve Jobs, refuses to abandon Flash

A number of Hollywood heavyweights – including Time Warner and NBC – have snubbed Steve Jobs and his “magical” iPad by adamantly refusing to abandon Flash.

According to the New York Post, several large media companies recently decided against reformatting their extensive video libraries to accommodate the iPad tablet because Flash still “dominates” the web.

“Apple boss Steve Jobs faces a tough crowd in Hollywood, where execs refuse to heed his call to abandon Flash video software from Adobe in order to get their content on the iPad,” explained Claire Atkinson of the New York Post.

“Though the iPad has been a huge hit, media companies are feeling emboldened in their rebuffing of Apple by the launch of rival touch-screen tablet devices, such as the ones coming from Dell Computer and Hewlett-Packard.”

According to Atkinson, Apple’s ability to dictate terms is likely to be “further” weakened by Google TV which allows viewers to watch online videos on their big-screen televisions.

“Big Media’s decision not to acquiesce to Apple’s demands will be a boon to Adobe, which has gotten beaten up by Jobs’ withering criticism of Flash.

“Time Warner, in particular, is against the walled-garden, subscription-only model promoted by Apple in part because Time Warner is promoting its ‘TV Everywhere’ initiative, which aims to make content platform agnostic so long as users can prove they are pay-TV customers,” added Atkinson.