Hate groups flourishing on social networks

Online hate groups are proliferating with the growth in social networking, says the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

In a report, it says the number of such sites has risen by a fifth in the last year, to 11,500. But, the Center’s Rabbi Abraham Cooper told Reuter, “The numbers are probably, at the end of the day, multiples of that.”

The team found some disturbing sites, including plenty of ‘how-to’ bomb-making tutorials. And one ‘game’ invited players to bomb Haitian earthquake victims, while another involved shooting immigrants.

Facebook groups included ‘national kick a ginger day’ and ‘I love curry bashing.’

Even more disturbingly, says the Center, terrorists are targeting children. One, frankly, hard-to-believe report from Fox News describes how a Colorado six-yar-old was brainwashed into running off to join an Islamic terrorist hate cell.

“The real growth is where it is for everyone: in social networks,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, an associate dean at the center, told the New York Times.