Happy Thanksgiving from Mozilla

Today marks the beta 4 release of Mozilla’s upcoming browser, Firefox 3.6. Technology gurus worldwide have been rubbing their hands for this one, because it is not only faster and more customizeable.

Personas allow you to change the look of the browser interface with one click but the upgrade also includes improved standards support and stable internal viewing of Flash videos.

Turkey stuffing includes plugin support, better standard tab behavior, fewer security holes, and over 140 bug fixes since beta 3, according to Mike Belzner, Director of the Firefox project at Mozilla.

In preliminary testing, the browser appears to be faster and very stable – even with a large number of open tabs on youtube, one more small thing to be thankful for this evening. Beta 4, unlike previous betas scores a whopping 94 on Acid 3, making this the most standards compliant Firefox to date.

Have a tasty download here.