Gray screen of death hits Snow Leopard

Cupertino (CA) – Apple is maintaining its innovative policy of ‘Think Different’ by offering an alternative color scheme to Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death.

Apple’s support forum has been inundated by irate users complaining that their Macs displayed a decorative – yet strangely irritating – spinning wheel of death after upgrading to the latest version of Mac OSX, hastily rushed out in an attempt to steal Microsoft’s thunder with the launch of Windows 7 next month.

Industry sources suggest that Apple issued early builds of an upgrade – Mac OS X 10.6.1 – to developers this Monday, just four days after Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard hit the shelves, to address a number of issues including application compatability problems and the spinning wheel of death.

On the forum, Apple advises: “Your Mac may start up to a gray screen after upgrading from Mac OS X v10.5 to Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. This may occur if a previous Mac OS X v10.5 software update had been downloaded using Software Update, but not completely installed, before installing Snow Leopard.”

Said one user: “I have experienced several performance issues after upgrading to Snow Leopard on a brand new MacBook Pro. Does anyone have a good walk through on how to downgrade and roll back using a Time Machine backup that I have on a backup drive via firewire?

“I regret making the upgrade on the first day of its release and have so much work to get done that I need to get it back to the performance level it was before the upgrade. Any help you Mac experts can provide is greatly appreciated.

“I literally just switched from PC to Mac a week ago and was so excited because of the performance but now after the upgrade it is unbearably slow and sluggish. Again your help on how to restore back to before I did the upgrade is appreciated.”

On the support forum, other users complain of dimmed screens, kernel panics, non-functional OEM disk drives and the failure of any Safari add-ons to run in 64-bit mode. For any readers tired of the sanctimonious smugness of Apple users, it makes extremely entertaining reading.