GPU acceleration boosts Chrome browser speeds by 60x

Google has managed to boost Chrome browser speeds by a blazing 60x using GPU-based acceleration.

“Early numbers show up to 60x speed improvement over the current version of Chrome,” Google engineers James Robinson and Gregg Tavares confirmed in an official blog post.

“And with Google Chrome’s fast release cycles, we expect to be able to get these enhancements to users quickly and add new performance improvements over time.”

The engineers also recommended that developers shift their focus to WebGL’s programmable 3D graphics pipeline.

“[Because] even with accelerated 2D canvas and SVG, it’s still not possible to achieve many graphics effects with these [relatively limited] APIs. 

“[But] with WebGL and 3D CSS, developers can create modern games, impressive photo galleries, 3D data visualizations, virtual environments, and whatever else they can dream up.”