Google Toolbar can’t handle Chrome

Search giant Google has admitted that its shiny toolbar can’t handle its even newer Chrome browser.

Users wanting to experience Google in all its glory with Chrome and a tool bar are being told to switch browsers. Chrome users are greeted with this message: “We’re sorry, but Google Toolbar 5 is only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.”

Of course using Chrome is a bit like using a Google Toolbar anyway. It just sucks up most of the screen and demands you pay all your attention to Google. 

However Google is making a big thing of being a one stop shop for all your World Wide Web needs.  So this is what the Washington Post is referring to as an epic fail.

And as the PR mag LA Public Relations points out, Google faces an interesting Public Relations challenge here.

“One would think that Google would try to make their products easier to use in tandem, so that their loyal users don’t become loyal Yahoo or Microsoft search users,” it smirks.