Google phases out IE 6 support

Google has started phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6.

While the decision may predate the recent cyber-attacks on Google, the fact that IE6 was identified as being involved probably hasn’t helped.

“The web has evolved in the last ten years, from simple text pages to rich, interactive applications including video and voice. Unfortunately, very old browsers cannot run many of these new features effectively,” says Rajen Sheth, Google Apps Senior Product Manager on the company’s enterprise blog.

“So to help ensure your business can use the latest, most advanced web apps, we encourage you to update your browsers as soon as possible.”

Unsurprisingly, it recommends Chrome 4.0, along with IE 7.0, Firefox 3.0 and Safari 3.0.

The company says it will phase out the browser support gradually, starting with Google Docs and Google Sites. “As a result you may find that from March 1 key functionality within these products – as well as new Docs and Sites features – won’t work properly in older browsers,” it warns.