Google launches Living Story pages

Google has teamed up with the New York Times and the Washington Post to create a new type of news page it calls Living Story.

“Living Stories… unify coverage on a single, dynamic page with a consistent URL. They organize information by developments in the story. They call your attention to changes in the story since you last viewed it so you can easily find the new material,” promises Google on its blog.

“Through a succinct summary of the whole story and regular updates, they offer a different online approach to balancing the overview with depth and context.”

There are timelines, video content, summaries and audio, and the site allows users to sort the available content in various ways, such as by theme, significant participants or media type. There’s also an email alert option.

You can see an example, here.

The site is currently still just a prototype. For the next two or three months, the pages will be available at Google Labs, but if all goes well they will transfer to the papers’ own websites. Google says it aims to develop it further, ultimately making it available to all news organisations for display on their sites.