Google Latitude reminds you where you’ve been

Can’t remember where you’ve been? Google, naturally, has the answer.

Apparently users of Google Latitude have been pleading for a feature to allow them to track their location history, to see exactly where they were at any point in time. In response, the company has now launched a Location History feature that does exactly that.

“For example, I stopped at an awesome BBQ place on my way back from Lake Tahoe this summer, but I couldn’t remember the name when my friend was asking about it a few months later,” says Chris Lambert,  Google Mobile software engineer, in the company blog. “I pulled up my location history for that weekend, found where I was stationary on the drive home, and the restaurant name showed up in Google Maps: Drooling Dog Bar BQ.”

Also new to Latitude is Google Location Alerts – currently still in beta – which notifies users when their Latitude friends are nearby. It’s a little more complicated than that: as Lambert says, “Imagine that you’re Latitude friends with your roommate or co-workers. It would get pretty annoying to get a text message every single time you walked in the door at home or pulled into work.”

To avoid this, Location Alerts will work with Location History, so that alerts aren’t sent when users are following their normal routine.

The new features are available here.