Google gives $2 million to Wikimedia

Google has made a $2 million donation to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Best-known for the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia, the foundation also produces a range of other free online resources such as Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary and Wikibooks.

Founder Jimmy Wales and board member Mitch Kapoor announced the donation in tweets late last night,

saying a formal announcement would come today.

Wikimedia isn’t desperate for the money: it recently announced that it had raised $8 million for this financial year, exceeding its target by $500,000.

Over 230,000 people – twice as many as in the previous year – donated an average of $33.

This isn’t the first time Wikimedia has received such a large donation, though; last August, it was given a $2 million grant from the Omidyar Network, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar’s philanthropic organisation.