Google gets a Buzz out of trashing Twitter

The company that can do no evil has decided to see if it can get a chunk of yet more Internet real estate.

As suspected, Google is taking on Twitter and Facebok and introducing Buzz, an entirely new world inside  Google Gmail.

But you have to be in Gmail first, of course. Google is rationalizing its attack on Twitter by pointing out what we know already, with Tweets, Facebook messages and even the now very old fashioned “email” all vying for our attention.

There’s one way out of this, of course. Don’t use the Internet at all. But in a world where commercial interests rule and the Mighty Dollar is God. So if you don’t use the Internet, then you will find yourself being increasingly isolated as every company or government organisation has a vested interest in making you use it because it’s cheap for them and helps them pay less because they don’t have to hire real people, just bots. Plus you got to pay for your internet connection. I’m no socialist, but if banks are saving all this money by making us turn into clerks, shouldn’t they be paying for your internet connection?

Now how about Google “Buzz”? It lets you auto follow people – perhaps that’s a good thing and maybe it’s bad. It’s not evil. Yes, it’s got a photograph function too. All in all you never need to leave Google, ever.

Google Buzz is all about sharing and social sites, according to the Googlers is becoming chaotic. Google is forcing us to make a choice, we can work or we can socially network.

Basically, Google wants everything. It wants to pwn phones, it wants to pwn operating systems, it wants to own social notworking, it wants to rule. Oh and Buzz works with mobile phones. Will it produce an e-reading tablet? You bet it will.

Google really is the Microsoft of the 21st century and the only real question is when governments will get round to slap it down, because we’ve all been here before, haven’t we?