Google Flight Search ready for takeoff

Google’s started to put to good use the technology it acquired with its purchase of travel software company ITA earlier this year.

It’s revamped its Flight Search product to give a greater range of airline search options and to try and simplify the search process.

“Starting today, when you search for flight information on Google, for example ‘flights from Chicago to Denver’, you will see a ‘Flights’ link in the left-hand panel,” says engineering director Kourosh Gharachorloo.

“This link leads to our new Flight Search feature, and is offered in addition to the flight schedules which have been available since May. You can also access the Flight Search feature directly at”

The company says it’s speeded up the system to give faster results, and included options such as the ability to pick a date to travel based on price.

Possible destinations can be filtered by airline, flight time and price, for exampleallowing users to use the map and filters to see where you can go from San Francisco within three hours and for less than $300.

Google promises that its selection of flight results isn’t influenced by any paid relationships.

“Airlines control how their flights are marketed, so as with other flight search providers, our booking links point to airline websites only,” says Gharachorloo.

“We’re working to create additional opportunities for our other partners in the travel industry to participate as well.”

The service is being rolled out throughout the course of today, initially including only a limited number of cities and covering round-trip economy-class flights only.