Google and VMware form joint Cloud venture

Google and VMware have teamed up to facilitate the rapid expansion of the lucrative Cloud computing market.

“Companies are actively looking to move toward cloud computing. They are certainly attracted by the economic advantages associated with cloud, but increasingly are focused on the business agility and innovation promised by cloud computing,” VMWare CEO Paul Maritz announced onstage at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

“[So], we will work to ensure that modern applications can run smoothly within the firewalls of a company’s datacenter or out in the public cloud environment.”

According to Martiz, the two companies are slated to collaborate on “multiple fronts” to make cloud applications more productive, portable and flexible. 

“These projects will enable Java developers to build rich web applications, use Google and VMware performance tools on cloud apps, and deployments of Spring Java applications on Google App Engine.”

Google developer Bruce Johnson expressed similar sentiments.

“Call it cloud portability for the enterprise. In just one click, users of the new versions of SpringSource Tool Suite and Google Web Toolkit can deploy their application to Google App Engine for Business, a VMware environment or other infrastructure, such as Amazon EC2.”