Gmail users lose service all weekend

Gmail users are complaining that they have been left without service for long periods over the weekend, with no help from Google.

The company’s support forum is flooded with messages from frustrated users who have been receiving 502 error messages. Many complain that they have had no service for 30 hours or more.

Users are particularly frustrated at the slow response from Google. There was no reference to the problem on the company’s ‘apps status dashboard’ all weekend, and no response to customers’ requests for help on the support forum.

“I couldn’t access my gmail account starting on the 30th around noon Kenya time and I haven’t been able to access it since. It’s been days now!” says one. “Why is no one from Google making a statement or telling us that they are working on fixing it? I do feel better to read others are having the same problem, but this is completely unacceptable!”

The company is now acknowledging the problem on its apps status dashboard, and is promising an update today. It says that fewer than 0.001 percent of its customers worldwide have been affected.