Gmail users are younger and thinner

Well, this is better than astrology. I’ve never much liked being a Taurus (stubborn, prosaic, materially-minded), but as a Gmail user I’m delighted to be told I’m young, thin, educated and well-traveled. And it’s all true, of course.

Web recommendation engine Hunch has looked at the different types of people using various email services and come up with the conclusion that there are some dramatic differences.

Apparently AOL and Yahoo users are most likely to be overweight women who have never traveled outside their home country. For AOL users, the explanation for this may lie in the fact that they’re also likely to have at least two DVRs in their home. Yahoo users say their family is their first priority, and they’re politically middle-of-the-road.

Meanwhile, Hotmail users tend to be T-shirt-clad, young single women who live in the suburbs and eat sweet snacks which reading magazines and contemporary fiction.

AOL users tend to be older than average and, says Hunch’s Amanda Green, not particularly tech-savvy – which certainly fits the stereotype. And, she says, people should be aware of the impression they’re giving.

“Career advice books and websites encourage job seekers to use not only their own names in an email address, but to choose domains wisely. Unless you have a custom domain connected to an elite alma mater or a professional website that hiring managers will find irresistible, Gmail is preferred,” she says.

But job hunting with an AOL address? Leave that back in 1998.”