Gmail phone calling tallies a million calls in 24 hours

Google’s intriguing new service that allows users to place phone calls directly from Gmail is apparently a hit. At least, it was intriguing enough to log more than a million calls in its first day.

The real question is how many of those were just “novelty” calls from people wanting to try out the new service, and how many of those initial users will be repeat users?

Rolled out earlier this week, Gmail was updated with a new feature that lets users use a headset or microphone to place phone calls to any number in the US and Canada for free. International calls are also available for a small per-minute fee.

Interestingly, TG Daily’s reporter in the UK tells us that her Gmail account says calls to the US and Canada are free for her as well.

Google says the free local calling deal is subject to change, so users wanting to get a taste of voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone calling should try it out now while it doesn’t cost anything.

Yet to be seen is if the new Gmail feature will have any impact on the current VoIP king, Skype.