Forget IE, Chrome FTW!

New statistics published by Net Applications indicate that Google’s popular Chrome browser has managed to capture an impressive 10% of the rather competitive market. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s “default” Internet Explorer browser continued its steady, yet graceful decline – losing 4% over the last 10 months and settling in at 56% percent of the browser market.

“We’re seeing the trend [of IE’s decline] continue, but where once the growth went to Firefox, now it goes to Chrome and Safari,” Net Applications VP Vince Vizzaccaro explained in an official statement.

Indeed, as InfoWorld’s Pete Babb notes, Chrome appears to be “winning converts” directly from those users fleeing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

“Market share lost by Microsoft’s browser must be picked up by other browsers, and Chrome is gaining the most momentum while Internet Explorer sputters,” said Babb.

“[And Apple’s] Safari’s gains – the largest one-month jump that Net Applications has ever recorded – can be attributed in part to the growth in Mac usage: Mac OS X market share jumped 0.23 percent in January, its largest pickup since September 2009.”

Of course, Chrome’s meteoric rise is likely to vault even higher when Google launches its browser-based laptop, which will probably lead to Microsoft’s market share dipping well below the 50% mark.