Firefox claims 40% of Euro browser share

Mozilla’s little browser that could is actually on its way to dethroning Internet Explorer as the default, most widely used browser in the world, and the apex of its growth is in Europe.

The company released a sweeping analysis of its place in the online market and demonstrated just how much of a competitor it has become. Globally, it now has around a 30% share in the browser market.

In Europe alone, it has 152.7 million users, taking 40% of that territory’s browsing audience. That’s the largest market share for the browser in a major market. Over the first quarter of 2010, Firefox made the most growth in Russia. And in Antarctica, where a few thousand scientists and other personnel are stationed at any given time, Firefox dominates at 80% market share.

The report is the first in what Mozilla’s Ken Kovas says will be “a somewhat standardised, ongoing report capturing the state of the internet as seen through Mozilla’s eyes.”

Similar reports are now expected to be released every three months.