Fandango for iPhone enables excellent over-the-air ticket purchasing

Chicago (IL)- With all kinds of movie applications available today for the iPhone, we thought Fandango would never
arrive. Fortunately we were wrong. Fandango has finally launched in the App Store
and it’s all you could ask for, and then some. Yes, you can purchase
tickets over-the-air while you’re on the go via a secure credit card
purchasing, and the application will even highlight theaters near to your
location. You can also stream trailers in remarkable
quality over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, view fan ratings, get
driving directions to a theater of your choice and even discover
theater amenities such as Print at Home ticketing and stadium seating.

Fandango for iPhone/iPod touch
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The entertainment
applications covering movies were among the first to arrive in the App
Store when Apple unleashed its digital software marketplace in July of
last year. While there’s plenty to choose from at the moment,
including the beloved Flixster (that’s a favorite for all would-be movie
critics who relentlessly post their own reviews), what we’ve been
waiting for is Fandango!

As we’d all but lost hope, we couldn’t
help but wonder why it took it so long for Fandango to arrive. Whatever the reason was,
Fandango has finally launched and it appears well worth the wait.

Over-the-air ticket purchasing

the ultimate movie-ticketing destination, the Fandango / iPhone combo
makes perfect sense. What we didn’t expect though is that the
application allows us to purchase tickets over-the-air, using a
secure credit card purchasing system. Sure, there are other
applications with this capability, but most developers avoid
embedding any kind of credit card shopping into their programs for
obvious security reasons. Even so, Fandango’s ticket purchasing feature should be reason
enough to download this free program.

Developers claim that iPhone Fandango supports ticketing for 16,000+ movie screens — more than any
other application. When you’re ready to purchase, Fandango offers you a
choice of securely saving your credit card information to expedite future
purchases. You can buy up to 10 tickets at a time and review your
purchase history. Other features are what you’d expect from an
application of this kind.

While some applications also enable online shopping on the iPhone, Fandango has integrated a secure credit card purchasing of up to 10 tickets at once for over 16,000 screens across the country. Paired with a geolocation features to locate nearby theaters, Fandango ensures that you always get the tickets you want, whenever you want, and from wherever you happen to be.

Trailers, theater maps, fan ratings

can view in-depth information about a movie and read fan reviews and
ratings. Of course, you can also stream trailers over both Wi-Fi and
cellular networks. Unlike other applications that can’t deliver
stutter-free video over-the-air, we have found in our streaming tests
over 3G networks that Fandango feeds the device trailers of an
exceptional quality and frame rate. This is probably due to the fact that
videos have been optimized for iPhone’s 480×320 screen resolution, by the way.

leverages your device’s geolocation capabilities to discover nearby
theaters, which is another useful feature (especially for travelers or people out and about away from known areas). Clicking on a theater reveals an
informative listing with showtimes for any given day, theater phone
number (that you can just tap to call) and a Google Map with directions. You can also add favorite theaters for faster
searching, and even browse movies that are coming soon or already in
theaters, along with their respective run times, in addition to reading
synopsis and cast lists. And last, but not the least, Fandango also
discovers theater amenities such as Print at Home ticketing and stadium

With all these features, plus its primarily ability to purchase tickets
on the go for theaters nearest to your current location, Fandango is a
no-brainer. The free app can be downloaded at this App Store link.

The application streams trailers over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks so you can pick your movie while on the go. The quality of streamed video is remarkable, even when streamed over the 3G network.