Facebook teases "something awesome" coming next week

Next week isn’t just the anniversary of America’s independence.

It’s also when Facebook plans to launch something brand new, but exactly what that will be is anyone’s guess at this point.

In an earlier media event, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was quote by Tech Tree as saying the company will “launch something awesome” next week.

The feature or product in question was developed at Facebook’s Seattle offices rather than the company’s home base in Palo Alto, California, Zuckerberg said.

Seattle contains Facebook’s second-largest engineering office and was the site of development for the social networking group’s mobile website. There are reportedly 40 full-time Facebook employees in the Seattle camp.

Thus, early speculation is leading many to believe next week’s unveiling will be some sort of new feature for smartphones or tablets, or potentially even some kind of Facebook-branded mobile product.

Even the rumors aren’t concrete; it seems Facebook has managed to keep this one under wraps. However, there is word that the company is planning to develop a special photo-centric app for the iPad, which could be the announcement next week.

But Zuckerberg doesn’t use words like “awesome” that often so we hope whatever it is that’s waiting for us after the 4th of July is something that will really blow our minds.