Facebook scrutinizes privacy policy in all-hands meeting

Mark Zuckerberg has called an all-hands meeting at 4PM PST to discuss Facebook’s current privacy policy. 

As TG Daily previously reported, the popular social networking recently came under fire from US legislators and EU privacy groups for implementing a round of new features in April.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook attempted to downplay the meeting in an official statement to Nick O’Neill of the All Facebook site.

”We have an open culture and it should come as no surprise that we’re providing a forum for employees to ask questions on a topic that has received a lot of outside interest,” a Facebook spokesperson explained. 

However, O’Neill expressed disappointment with Facebook’s plans and noted that the meeting was likely to be little more than a “Q&A session” with 1,000+ employees. 

“While many were hoping Facebook to make a significant change in their privacy stance, it sounds as though the company may instead stay the course. For many users (and people in the press), this could be a huge disappointment,” opined O’Neill.

“While we are still hopeful that Facebook will decide to make a change to their ‘Instant Personalization’ service, it sounds as though we shouldn’t expect any imminent changes any longer. Just when you thought there was hope for change, Facebook sounds as though they’ll be staying the course.”