Facebook iPad app may make cameo at 10/4 event

In addition to unveiling the new iPhone next week, there’s speculation that Apple may also finally reveal an iPad-optimized app version of Facebook.

After months and months of rumors, the date of Apple’s iPhone 5 reveal was finally nailed down to be October 4, a detail that was all but confirmed when the company officially sent out invitations for the event earlier this week.

But along with the months of speculation, there were growing rumors that Apple would be showing off more than just a new iPhone. Possible suggestions have included that Apple will in fact debut two new iPhones, perhaps an iPhone 5 and a more economical ‘iPhone 4S.’

Another idea is that the company would reveal the iPad 3 at the same event, but that possibility appears to have died entirely.

Now, new speculation entering the ring is that Apple will use next week’s hyped event to show off an official Facebook iPad app, something users have been clamoring for since the first Apple tablet was released.

Facebook has had a dicey history with mobile apps. Many users are dissatisfied with the current offerings because it strips away a lot of the functionality from Facebook.com and presents content in a way that isn’t always intuitive or user-friendly.

As such, there is pressure for the iPad app to be as worthwhile as possible. It’s not likely to use a lot of stage time at next week’s event, but it is interesting that there will apparently be some focus on the iPad as opposed to being an iPhone-only presentation.