Facebook founder launches new social network

New social networks seem to be popping up all over the place, but the latest, launching in beta today, has two things that set it apart: a focus on good causes and one of Facebook’s founders behind it.

Jumo is the creation of Chris Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook who worked with Barack Obama as director of online organizing on Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Its aim is to help people work with like-minded friends on social causes, keeping up to date and increasing public awareness. Users need to have a Facebook profile.

Users start by connecting to their Facebook account and then selecting the issues they’re interested in – everything from charter schools to disaster relief is covered in a list of 3,500 organizations.

Once a list has been created, users will see a Top News selection on their home page showing the latest information from their chosen causes. This will include news articles, Twitter posts and YouTube videos as well as comments from other users.

According to the company, Jumo will be different from other ‘good causes’ social networks such as Causes in that it won’t solicit users for donations.

“We’re not interested in a one-time donation on your friend’s birthday or a $10 text message to a cause or organization you never return to,” it says.

“We’re interested in building lasting relationships to the causes you care about and an informed community of people invested in the long-term successes of effective organizations. We’re interested in providing you with meaningful opportunities to make a difference in the world around you.”

The service, which will be non-profit, will be monetized through advertising.