Employee Monitoring Remotely

Since the world is changing and this change has its effect in all dimensions of human life. We will not be discussing the economic and security changes but we will discuss the change in terms of technology. In olden times, people joined together in person and use to have work at one location. Time is changed now and people don’t bother to visit in person to their office but do their work remotely.

In case of multinational companies, head offices were not aware that what staff is doing in their remote office locations. Also they were not sure that either an employee has physically visited their office or not. Camera system and electronic attendance systems came to control that weakness but still employer wants to make sure that employee came on work is really doing some work or just enjoying his time in office.

This issue can’t be controlled by cameras whereby an employee can be found look busy do nothing. Employer cannot put individual cameras on top of every system to monitor activities of individuals and obviously it’s more time consuming as well as waste of resources. This problem is dully taken care by a number of leading IT firms.

There could be so many requirements that a company may ask to cater before developing the best solution for their business but some main points are as below that a company would definitely be looking for in their desired solution.

  • Real time access to user’s system
  • Easy to use the software
  • Real time recording with clear visibility
  • Efficient reporting tool
  • Limited time free trial option would be great

These employee monitoring software solutions are helping hundreds of employers to control their staff and maximize their productivity. Companies can monitor their staff as well as freelancers by using their computer monitoring software. Idle capacity of employees have been duly reported by these software solutions mentioning that how long operating system was used during the day. How long one app remain active and how long it was inactive during the day. Thus helping employer to take corrective decisions on non performing staff members.

One of the best competitive advantage for these solutions are integration of multiple offices at one location by providing cloud based solution. Cloud based software with these employee monitoring solutions is one of the best solution for multinationals. Remote offices are getting closer and controlled by parents companies through these monitoring software. Summary reports are just one click away to compare productivity of their staff. Appraisal systems are backed by these solutions that shows employee productivity before getting annual raise in their pay scales.

Market leading employee monitoring software’s are flexible enough that can control multiple screens at one time and can broadcast your screen by the same time to all other participants. Connectivity with Cloud Based solutions make it easier, fast and efficient to reduce physical gatherings cost in meeting rooms. Through recording feature, no need to take meeting notes but full meeting is on record about what points were discussed and what decisions were taken by the management.

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