Effective Software Solutions for Business

Nowadays, every business needs to use effective software solutions to be successful and competitive. Form.com is one of the leading companies in the field of electronic data collection. The Form.com platform offers a bunch of advanced tools and solutions to fit specific needs of businesses from any industry.

Form.com specializes in creating mobile forms to replace paper-based processes and automate manual workflow. Form.com’s approach is to optimize mobile forms to a company’s specific process and workflow and integrate these solutions into the existing IT infrastructure, rather than just creating digital versions of current paper forms.

This allows companies the advantage of synchronizing data, rather than simply collection data. Working both online and offline, Form.com ensures no paperwork, lost forms, double entry, duplicates, photocopying, filing or faxing. After a mobile form is submitted, workflow can be configured to launch subsequent forms, tasks, or notification. This automation improves speed, accuracy, and ensures high-quality and close cooperation at the every stage of a business process.

Mobile forms not only allow the rapid exchange of information anytime and from anywhere, but they also take advantage of mobile hardware to better capture evidence. Field employees can quickly take, edit, and embed pictures directly into a form. Time, date, and GPS stamps can be automatically capture upon submission. You can even capture digital signatures with the stroke of a finger.

Form.com platform adds value to every organizational level by providing easy-to-use, custom interfaces along with deep analytics and administrative oversight. Enterprise customers can see huge benefits in time and cost savings, risk mitigation, and process improvements.

Form.com is highly flexible and can be applied to any process in any industry. It’s also backed by the team at WorldAPP, who work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that the right solutions are easily deployed across the enterprise.