‘eBay for billionaires’ launched

Of course, the really rich can’t be expected to rub shoulders with the likes of us – not even virtually. So a new online auction and trade site, BillionaireXchange, has been launched to let them flog off their yachts in peace.

Of course, BillionaireXchange need to make sure that the hoi polloi aren’t sneaking in and polluting their lovely site, so the company has what it calls “an easy, yet stringent process in which we endeavor to screen for unqualified and/or undesirable elements”.

The registration process has one or two fields that eBay doesn’t bother with. It wants to know whether you have an American Express Centurion card, or a VISA Black Card. It also wants to know your net worth – and, boy, it must be so embarrassing to have to check the ‘below $500K’ option.

There’s quite a list of items for sale already. Your reporter has her eye on a $49 million mega yacht. And of course we’ll all be clubbing together to get the editor a bottle of Remy Martin Cognac the Black Pearl Louis XIII 1.7, as long as the price doesn’t creep up too far from its present $24,999. Twenty-five thousand is the limit for our office Secret Santa, you see.