Does your dog have more Facebook friends than you?

An – admittedly small – survey of 407 Facebook-using dog owners has revealed that many dogs have more Facebook friends than you or me.

Online consumer research company Lab42 found that 14 percent of owners set up a Facebook account for their dog. Apparently six percent even gave their pet a Twitter or Flickr account.

And of those dogs with a Facebook presence, three percent had more than 500 friends. Another nine percent had between 250 and 500, and three percent more had between 100 and 250.

Most were content to run with a smaller pack, with 42 percent having fewer than 25 friends, 22 percent having between 25 and 50 and 20 percent having between 50 and 100.

But Facebook statistics show that the average human user has 130 friends, making at least 12 percent of the mutts more popular than the average punter.

Still, there’s a bit of a way to go before any of them overtakes Eminem, who recently knocked Michael Jackson off the top spot, with nearly 30 million ‘likes’.

And the dogs shouldn’t feel too complacent – Lab42 asked one or two other questions too. And when the owners were asked to choose between various possessions and their dog, it didn’t always go the dogs’ way.

Nearly half said they’d rather keep the internet, with a third each preferring their cellphone and laptop. Indeed, 13 percent preferred Facebook itself.

It’s a good thing, perhaps, that these dogs do have so many friends – they might need a place to stay.