Digg reinvents itself with instant submissions

Digg is reportedly preparing to launch a revamped version of its popular service that will allow users to quickly submit “instant” Diggs without logging in.

According to CNET, other new features are expected to include keyword-based categories, a “one-click” submission process, customizable Digg home pages and a new “very, very fast” back end infrastructure.

“The bottom line is, the people who curate this stuff are you guys. One size fits all just doesn’t work anymore, and I need more signals to organize this content,” Anderson told CNET and other SXSW conference at the Bigg Digg Shindigg.

“So from now on, [for] Digg buttons, you no will longer have to log in to click that Digg button. There will be instant Digging. If you’re on another Web site, you click that button, [and] there’s no more waiting.”

Meanwhile, Wired reports that the latest iteration of Digg will also offer a “social discovery engine” designed to mine the Twitter streams and Facebook feeds of each logged-in Digg user.

“[This will] pull in popular stories from those platforms that match the user’s interests,” wrote Wired’s Michael Calore.

“The site will be able to mine those feeds for users who have given Digg access to their social graph by logging in using Facebook Connect, Twitter or OpenID.”