Digg integrates Facebook Connect

Chicago (IL) – Digg has announced the successful integration of Facebook Connect.

“Facebook Connect allows Facebook’s 200+ million members to login and start Digging and commenting right away,” wrote Kevin Rose in a Digg blog post.

“If you’re already a Digg member, linking your account makes it easy to cross-post, sharing your Digg activities on your Facebook home page. After connecting, you will now have access to Digg friend features, such as our green story icons that appear once a friend has dugg a story. You can also choose to automatically follow your Facebook friends, or invite your friends to Digg from your Facebook Connect settings page.”

According to Rose, FB Connect represents “one of the largest and more complex Facebook integrations to date.”

“Over the past months, we have been working with the Facebook team to establish key standards and best practices, paving the way for future Facebook Connect partners. The team worked through several platform, data portability and scalability issues,” said Rose. “Privacy is really important to us, so we’ve ensured that you’ll always have complete control over your information. Whenever you Digg, comment, or submit, you’ll see a dialog window asking you whether you want to share that info with your Facebook friends. Should you ever choose to disable Facebook Connect, all personal information will be removed from the Digg site.”

Facebook’s Josh Elman explained that Connect has been added to 8,000 websites, mobile applications and desktop clients.

“Finding stories on Digg gets even more interesting when you can see what your friends are doing, as well as the broader community. Just as with other Connect implementations, actions posted to a user’s Facebook profile will appear in their friends’ streams, and their friends can follow links back to Digg, furthering the cycle of sharing and discovery across the Web,” added Elman.