Dell runs Chrome OS on Mini 10v netbook?

Dell has released a USB key image file of Chrome OS for the Mini 10v netbook. ??According to Dell’s Doug A, the highly experimental build is “definitely not perfect” but “does appear” to function.

“I’ve been doing some tinkering over the last few days working to get our Dell Mini 10v up and running with Chromium OS. As of late yesterday, I can report success. [So], I have released an USB key image file to:,” Doug wrote in a Dell forum post.

“In addition, I have made a best effort attempt to get the Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter working in this image.  It’s definitely not perfect – highly experimental, untested, unstable – but it does appear to function.”

He explained that the first operational Chrome build for the Mini 10v was limited by several key “caveats,” including:

  • Wireless Network connection – Currently takes more than 5-10 minutes for the Chrome connection manager to “see” and connect to access points.
  • Wired connections – In contrast, wired connections appear to “work fine” by facilitating quick access without any issues. 
  • ??Connection manager – Both the manager and underlying components (wpa_supplicant) can easily break or get hung. ?
  • Reboot/shutdown – Lacks a reboot and shutdown menu option, forcing users to press the power key.

Detailed Chrome OS instructions for Mini 10v netbook owners can be accessed here.

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