Curious eyes and ears await big Facebook announcement

Facebook is going to announce something new today. Something big. And that’s leading to all sorts of rumors floating around.

The social networking site sent out invitations to members of the press in southern California to a press conference at its corporate headquarters.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook has been on a veritable “lockdown” over the last two months, completely changing the back-end of the site. Facebook’s announcement today is likely going to be some sort of major overhaul of the entire social networking structure of the site.

Facebook is reportedly going to allow for bigger picture uploads, more sophisticated geo-tagging features, a new chat engine, and possibly voice-over IP functionality.

Other rumors suggest Facebook will make some sort of mobile announcement, anywhere from a new mobile website interface to an entire Facebook-branded phone that’s in the works.

Whatever it is, it’s expected to be something big, something that will completely change the way Facebook is used on a daily basis.

Mark Zuckerberg is expected to appear at the event, which will be his first official appearance since the release of the movie The Social Network, wherein he is portrayed as a backstabbing, egotistical social outcast. Everything he does for the next several months will be in some sort of damage control mode, so his presence may be just as big of a story as whatever Facebook announcement he makes.