Comscore’s latest rankings: more of the same

Google is still slipping, while Yahoo and Bing are picking up the slack, but everything is moving at a snail’s pace.

Those are the results of Comscore’s most recent search engine rankings report, and they’re in line with the past several months.

According to the industry tracking group, Google slipped to a 65.4% lead in search engine share in April, compared to 65.7% in March.

Meanwhile, Yahoo climbed from 15.7% to 15.9% over the same period, and Bing jumped to above 14% for the first time, hitting 14.1%. It was at 13.9% in March.

While there is nothing earth-shattering with these numbers, it is undeniably noteworthy to see this trend continue. The search market is one where change is rare and takes an extremely long time, but it is definitely happening.

Since Microsoft reinvented its search brand to the ‘Bing’ name, it has seen consistent growth and has managed to chip away at Google’s domineering lead. With features like the ability to stream music, movies, and games directly within the search results page, tailored results options, and growing partnerships with content providers, Bing really has become a success story.

There is not as much of a cohesive storyline for Yahoo, but it too has managed to inch its way out of the grave as Google continues to take tiny incremental hits in search engine share.

Then again, Google has a lot more on its place these days, with Android, Google TV, Chrome OS, and cloud services. And, let’s be frank, 65.4% is still a pretty nice market share.