Coming next month: Facebook Music

Next month, there will one more reason for everyone to stay logged into Facebook 24/7.

No longer will you need to tear yourself away from the social networking site if you want to relax and listen to some tunes to get you through the day.

According to a report from CNBC, Facebook’s own music streaming service is set to go live next month, but it’s unlikely the site will enter the highly competitive market with its own digital store.

Instead, the report notes, it’s expected that Facebook will work with existing music streaming companies and just hammer out some sort of arrangement. That is to say, a Facebook Music app might be powered by Pandora or Spotify.

“If that’s the case, rather than threaten existing music services, a Facebook music platform could actually provide a boost in traffic to those that offer free, ad-supported services,” CNBC noted.

So the technology behind such a move would require users to link their Facebook account to their Pandora account, for example, but once that’s done, users could easily click a button on their Profile page to start streaming and have the music delivered seamlessly.

Music is one of the rare areas in which Facebook has absolutely no presence. It was the absence of that feature that allowed Myspace to continue in some capacity, as it began to attract more of independent musician audience.

Facebook still won’t offer any sort of music sharing or user-generated platform like Myspace, but this is a first step at any rate.