College Humor invites users to first "antisocial network"

If you feel overwhelmed by all the madness surrounding Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ these days, this is for you.

Online comedy site College Humor has created a new video adverising a new service called “Not Google+” – the first self-described “antisocial network.”

Actually, it isn’t so much a service as it is a video telling you not to join Google+. “Once you’ve done that, don’t invite your friends to join Google+,” the video advises.

While it’s obviously meant to be a parody, the video does bring up a good point of the fact that we are inundated with social media and social networking these days.

Google+ was just made available to the public. Previously, users needed an invitation from someone to be able to sign up.

So the video is timely and certainly targeted to those who think the addition of yet another social networking site is just unnecessary. There is about to be a long and hard battle between Google+ and Facebook, and users will be stuck in the middle.

So what does College Humor suggest doing instead of joining Google+? Something more productive, like playing tetherball with a Portugese child. Or something like that..

Check out the video below for a good laugh, but also a reality check in this world of social inundation: