Claim: Adobe "sabotaging" HTML 5

A Google employee has claimed that Adobe is currently blocking the latest publication of HTML5.

Ian “Hixie” Hickson – who is also a member of the HTML5 working group – explained that Adobe’s objection to the latest iteration of HTML5 has not yet been made public.

However, AppleInsider’s Prince McLean opined that Adobe was “now working” to block the HTML5 specification, particularly in “the realm” of the canvas element.

“While HTML5 is often contrasted with Flash as a means for supporting video playback, the new HTML5 canvas element presents a direct threat to Flash as a way to add animation or navigation elements to a webpage,” wrote McLean.

“The HTML5 canvas element also supports the creation of web games, advertisements, and other interactive content, a feature set that will make its adoption a direct threat to Adobe’s Flash platform.”

McLean concluded that Adobe has been working to “incite interest” and talk about Flash, particularly on the iPhone, iPod touch and the new iPad – none of which support the popular platform.

Nevertheless, Thom Holwerda of OSNews explained that Hixie’s contention “appears to be untrue.”

“First, Adobe’s complaint is not a secret at all – it’s a procedural thing that was posted to a public mailing list February 5. Second, this complaint is not blocking HTML5. I’m not a particular fan of Flash, or Adobe in general, but it seems like the torches and pitchforks were taken out of the sheds a little too soon on this one,” clarified Holwerda.

“When I first encountered Hixie’s blog post, I was quite angry, but after spending some time reading the mailing list posts in question, from the people actually handling the matter first-hand, it became quite clear it’s all just a storm in a teacup. You can obviously read the mailing list thread yourself so you can make up your own mind.”