Chrome to get hardware accelerated 3D graphics

Google has begun building its O3D plug-in for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics into its Chrome browser.

Writing on his blog, a Chromium programmer, Greg Spencer, said that the O3D team is working on getting O3D integrated into the Chromium build.

He said that the team was close to being able to complete our first step towards integration. Chromium is the open-source project that underlies Chrome itself and Spencer said that he will be making the Windows build of Chromium dependent upon building O3D as part of the build process.

This will open the way for high-powered Web-based games that can run 3D graphics. Google has said that it wants to speed the transformation of the Web from a static medium into a place where it is easy to run software.

It is also working on Google Native Client, which is designed to let Web applications take advantage of user’s own computer’s processors.

However developing the code is only stage one. Google knows that it needs to get developers and games makers to use it. This is not as easy as it sounds because at the moment only Google has said that it is developing browsers that use a computer’s hardware.

Its only hope is to make Native Client and O3D into some kind of standard could help convince programmers the technologies are worth supporting and win over potential rivals.

Ironically if it does that it would get the support of Microsoft which has been calling for more standards to be used in the development of browsers.